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Dave Benson, K1SWL, earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Connecticut in 1976. After graduation, he and his wife lived and worked in Phoenix, AZ and  Albuquerque, NM in the early years. Their home in NM was at an altitude of 7400 feet (2300m)- a rugged and memorable experience!


  He worked in a variety of aerospace engineering programs and holds several US Patents in the display electronics field.  As his career strayed from the creative path into ‘viewgraph engineering’ and project management, the urge to return to a more fulfilling life won out.   Dave began publishing articles in the QRP Quarterly and QST in the 1990s.  He left the corporate world and founded Small Wonder Labs in 1996, parlaying his love of amateur radio into a ‘cottage industry’.   He’s been on a 5-year hiatus from the creative side of amateur radio while pursuing a lifelong dream- the design and construction of a new home in New Hampshire.  An enthusiastic outdoorsman and naturalist, he enjoys snowshoeing and kayaking in season. Dave’s at k1swl@earthlink.net.










Dave’s wife Kate is now Small Wonder Labs’ Production Manager. She retired from the rat-race in June of 2009 and has joined the staff here. A dual-certified librarian and classroom teacher, she managed public school libraries in Glastonbury, CT for a number of years.  A born teacher, she started early- volunteering as an ‘English-as-a-second language’ teacher while still in high school. She’s an avid reader and quilter. She’s also an enthusiastic gardener during the warmer months. She was born and raised about 10 miles from here and is delighted to be ‘home’.








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Our first grandchild, Mariella Katherine Evans, was born on November 19th, 2010.  Both of us were there to lend support and to witness the birth.  She was tiny- 4 lbs 14 oz (2.2 kg) at birth due to an early induced labor, but she’s fine. We’re sure pleased with the new addition to the family. 




How fast they grow!  We can’t wait for Mariella to join the workforce here at the ‘Labs!  Here, she gets training in the use of a Fluke multimeter. At 13 months, she’s walking and using a few rudimentary words. 













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All sorts of solid foods are now on the menu.  She insists on spoon-feeding herself, though. The results are fairly predictable.  Mealtime is over when she jettisons food over the side for the dog.











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We purchased a wooded 4+ acre parcel in Newport, New Hampshire in March of 2005.  I built a house there in my spare time.   [Click on the image at left to follow the adventure.] I moved here in May 2008 and Kate joined me when she retired a year later.


We love it here! We’re outdoors walking old wood-roads nearly every day, and there’s no telling what we’ll see. Winter adventures (we get a lot of winter here) reveal a wealth of animal tracks in the snow- everything from mice to moose!  






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